Every project has a goal to achieve. The keys to the success of your project are an organized and well thought out plan.
Audio Radio Teknik offers planning, design, construction, relocation, and installation of broadcast studios, control room, mechanical, antenna, transmitters, repeaters, and audio subcarriers ...
Radio Teknik can take your project from the very beginning and lead it to term in all its aspects. We handle all special projects for your station.



You have decided to build, renovate, relocate or install new studios, a control room?
You just got your broadcasting license and do not know where to start?
You must move your broadcast antenna or change your transmitter or related equipment?

The first step is to actually assess your needs and set goals for your project. Following are a list of things to consider

  • What is the deadline to start?
  • On what date should you be on air?
  • What is the deadline set by the CRTC?
  • What have you done so far in the project
  • When do you want your project completed?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the project?
  • Have you thought about ....
  • Applying to the CRTC
  • Location of the broadcast antenna and possible problems of the site?
  • Technical specifications?
  • Hardware and Audio equipment required, wiring ?
  • Sound quality ?
  • Plans for the station?
  • Costs related to the monthly or annual signal transfer
  • Interference from another radio station?

We provide custom solutions adapted to the particular needs of your project. We provide the technical expertise and support to ensure a successful completion of the project.

 «Experience can show you other ways of doing things by providing unique and innovative approaches that you may not have imagined»

Setting goals is important. Knowing how to accurately quantify these objectives can sometimes be difficult. In setting goals, one needs to be realistic and see it in perspective. It may be advantageous to seek the advice of a professional who knows the community.
Audio Radio Teknik can help you develop your project by working closely with the person or team leading the project:

  • To assist in the development of your project
  • To validate your financial plan
  • To establish a production schedule
  • To validate your financial plan
  • Audio Teknik Radio can help you develop your project by working closely with the person or team leading the project.
  • Validate your financial plan by providing you a complete list of project stakeholders:​ engineer, line worker forbroadcast, audio equipment suppliers, providers of software for radio, broadcast and production, Industry Canada and CRTC
  • Establish a production schedule that meets your expectations

Upon your approval, Audio Radio Teknik will:

  • Develop plans
  • Provide a bid for the various audio equipment suppliers by getting the best price as determined by the guidelines of your corporate charter./li>
  • Inform you of other charges related to the achievement of your project
  • Assist in applying to the CRTC
  • Determine Technical specifications
  • Contact the suppliers for the purchase of equipment and advise you of delivery times
  • Establish contacts with various subcontractors, audio equipment Suppliers, line workers for broadcast, manufacturers of transmitters or antennae, cabinetmaker for the manufacture of specialized furniture for radio stations.
  • Present the draft to those responsible : Management, the technical team, Board of directors
  • Determine with you the date of completion
  • Initiate production on the dates specified.