Detailed report of your signal's coverage

  • Comparison of the signal from your station to other stations in your area
  • Signal level established at the places determined by the customer
  • MPX deviation
  • Level Driver
  • Level of RDS
  • Left and Right level


  • Position yourself against the competition
  • Verify coverage for rebroadcasting
  • Identify audio and RF problems
  • Identify audio and RF problems
  • Identify problems with the antenna or transmitter


  • The basic service includes 20 reference points on a distance determined by the customer
  • A full report of the field sampling
  • Signal level of the competition in each of 20 benchmarks
  • Report of a duration of 10 minutes on the deviation, the driver and RDS at each reference point
  • A Chart that represents the location where the samplings were taken of the readings (in dBuV) received at these locations.
  • A detailed map and a full report..