• Installation by a sub-contractor
  • Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Connecting equipment on the antenna


  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Stereo Generator
  • Remote Control
  • Calibration of RF output
  • Installation of equipment for taking readings (at the transmitter and at a distance)
  • Maintenance

Signal Analysis

Detailed report of signal coverage


Remote Site Monitoring

Detailed report of signal coverage




As we have already mentioned, frequency is the determining factor for the distance of a radio message. Depending on the frequency and the antenna used, the signal will be concentrated towards the sky (sky wave), directly into the air (direct waves) or at ground level (ground wave). Waves behave differently in the Earth's atmosphere according to their frequency. Some travel almost freely, others resist with difficulty adverse weather conditions, and still others are reflected back to Earth (once or more times), allowing them to travel great distances. These natural properties, when advantageous to radio, can be greatly enhanced by the type of antenna used and the chosen location.

For more information, we suggest you consult the Industry Canada website: : et


Industry Canada recognizes the importance of examining the potential impact of antennas and their supporting structures on their surrounding environments. To do this, the Department has implemented procedures for users of the radio spectrum that take into account the following three areas:

  • The environment
  • Health Canada Code 6
  • Consultation on land use


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Antennas and Transmitters

  • Need to rebroadcast
  • Distortion and overmodulation problems
  • Transmission line or STL problems
  • Want to move you site
  • Etc…

Audio Teknik Radio can help you in the planning, monitoring and completion of your project

  • Consultation
  • Project Development
  • Installation, moving, maintenance
  • Wiring
  • Repair or modification of new and used equipment
  • Installation of equipment (transmitter, exciter, antenna, STL, UPS, cabinet, compressor, amplifier FM tuner, stereo generator ...)
  • Calibration
  • Taking readings in accordance with CRTC and Industry Canada standards

Audio Teknik Radio also offers maintenance contracts for your transmitter site and antenna

  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Change filters
  • Replacement of equipment (if needed)
  • Readings taken in accordance with the CRTC and Industry Canada

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