Audio Converters

Audio level converters are designed for professional and industrial audio broadcast systems. A reliable two-way converter allows the two systems to operate at maximum performance levels, matching impedances and levels of operation.If you experience  problems with your equipment, it is often due to incompatible equipment or non-calibrated equipment. This can create a distorted sound.

Silence Detector

Silence detector with an integrated MP3 player in case of failure. Made according to your needs, at your convenience, with options that are highly valued.

Audio Equipment

We are committed to helping customers choose the equipment that meets their requirements and needs. Our partnerships with multiple vendors can help you save time and money in choosing your products.

Custom Products

Radio Audio Teknik develops tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of different stations. Our products are designed individually and demonstrate proven reliability.

Our Products, Our Commitment

Whether you are a community, a commercial or specialized radio station, we recognize that trust is essential for a company that provides specialized equipment. Our desire is to foster positive relationships with all our customers. We do so in a spirit of honesty and mutual respect to establish an agreement beneficial to all.