Silence detector

Model DS1050

Complete model

Model DS1050


Model DTS-1

Without communicator


Made according to your needs, at your convenience, with valuable options such as:

  1. The detection of two audio channels

  2. Variable time of onset by lack of audio.

  3. Signal lights on the front of the unit at all times indicating the condition of the equipment

  4. Detour sign manual very easy to use

  5. 4-point detection: Ex: Gate of local, starting the generator, high temperature

  6. 3 programmable outputs points after the triggering event of an alarm, triggering the fan.

  7. SanDisk MP3 Player with 4 Gig included to compensate for the lack of audio

  8. Event report transmitted by TCP / IP to a PDA, email or text message on your mobile

  9. Internal battery lasting two hours keeps your device running during power outages