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Over 25 years of experience in the construction, reconditioning and maintenance of radio station studios, analog or digital equipment, control room, antennas and transmitters.
Our team of broadcast and electronics professionals specializing in radio, combined with our network of qualified subcontractors and reliable quality will help you achieve all your broadcasting projects.
We offer a wide range of services: from the application to the CRTC to setting up the antenna for broadcast, Audio Radio Teknik can take care of all your needs.
Personalized service across Canada,
Emergency 24/7 service.
High quality work guaranteed!
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We take Pride in the Total Satisfaction of our Customers.

We provide solutions for your electronic, computer, and telephony needs that take into account the safety of the equipment and the people who operate them.

  • Problems of static noise and background noise 
  • Sliders worn out by wear and tear
  • Unequal audio levels
  • Switching sound consoles, replacing old equipment
  • Need to transmit your signal to a re-emitter
  • Overmodulation or problems of distortion
  • Transmission line issues and STL