About Audio Radio Teknik

Audio Radio Teknik stands out as a leader in the field of broadcasting. For over 30 years, Roger Landry, owner and operator of Audio Radio Teknik has provided broadcast studio expertise to help its primary clientele, radio stations achieve the maximum in professional sound..

As a service provider to the broadcast industry, our technical solutions help organizations of all sizes achieve the professional sound that radio listeners demand.
Our services include: installation, repair or maintenance of all electronic equipment for the broadcast studio, for the antenna and transmitter. Contact us. Our experienced technician will help you save time and money while building on proven reliability.
Focusing on the budget you have allocated for your technical expenses, we will maximize your investment by providing quality work that is guaranteed. We will assist in the purchase of specialized equipment within your budget. To meet your needs, we tailor solutions for each market using specialized software and work with a network of highly regarded equipment suppliers .


We strive for a satisfaction rate of 100%, hence our slogan:
Our passion ... working with you for your development ! !

We deliver professional quality sound that will, amongst other benefits:

  • Increase your audience
  • Increase your annual budget from donations and grants
  • Negotiating power with your business clients
  • Maintain good relations with Industry Canada


Audio Radio Teknik was founded in 1980, as the company, Roger Landry reg. In 2001, the company incorporated to become AudioTeknik.
Today, as Audio Radio Teknik, the company continues to maintain strong growth and increased market share across Canada.
Our philosophy: to provide unique solutions at competitive prices and adapted to the needs of our customer. Our goal is to be recognized and respected as one of the best companies in the market, by our customers, by our partners and our employees.



Innovation, Radio Audio Teknik stands out from the competition. Our qualified employees develop specialized products to meet the often complex needs of radio stations.


Radio Audio Teknik behaves as a responsible corporate citizen, expanding its activities by taking into account the improvement of living conditions of local communities. Radio Audio Teknik work ethic rests on a respect for the environment and the welfare of society as a whole.